Zoho Integration

Transform your business with Monster VoIP's Zoho CRM Integration and make Zoho better

Throughout the years, modern businesses turn to technology and innovation to keep up in today’s digital society. For customer-centric companies, acquiring highly engaged customers is possible with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Great customer service is not only about having 24/7 support or sales marketing help desk. It also depends on the technology partners you have. When combined with an advanced cloud business communications system like Monster VoIP, your growth opportunities are limitless.

2019 Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved is a software manufacturer based in India with a wide range of contributions such as performance management and office project management collaboration software. It is a CRM platform that is designed to build better business relationships. With Zoho projects and tools, you can conveniently run your business with over 40 apps that enable you to efficiently manage your call center operations. Any company no matter what size or industry, can greatly benefit when integrating Zoho with Monster VoIP. Zoho CRM integration makes it easy for a business to manage customer support, marketing, and sales teams.


Zoho CRM Integration with VoIP Simplifies Business Processes

Empowers workforce and improve team management through automated features and custom bi solutions

Good customer interactions start from agents know how to work smart. Streamline work processes and workflows through Monster VoIP integration. We have features that work well with Zoho CRM and can simplify processes to introduce and develop efficiency in the workplace.

Builds Collaborative Teams

Zoho offers email office project management collaboration bundles to enable teams to achieve company goals and complete work-related tasks like finishing marketing help desk finance projects and more.

For different teams to collaborate successfully, your communication tools and software must be flexible and mobile. Large companies have offices in multiple locations which makes it difficult for different teams and departments to work collaboratively. Monster VoIP has features that can let your teams share real-time updates and allow everyone to have access to files anytime they want. They can also review information from previous conversations on computers or even on mobile devices.

Provides Call Tracking and Analytics

Our VoIP integration system can track and monitor calls. Zoho Custom Solutions BI Analytics email can provide business data analysis. With Monster VoIP’s Call Report feature, you can benefit from having access to call logs, reviewing specific information about the call such as its length and phone number and identifying the lines that get the most calls. Your sales and marketing teams can utilize the data to get an overview of an employee’s performance and create strategies to close deals and get more engaged customers.

Supports Multitasking

Technology makes it easier for businesses to achieve productivity and flexibility at work. By integrating CRM Zoho and Monster VoIP, incoming calls can be viewed as opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with customers. You will be prepared and will learn how to interact with prospective clients by looking at their previous call history, basic information and more. We support multitasking – employees can talk to customers while taking notes or accessing customer data history without having to switch screens or use applications.

Provides Flexibility and Mobility

Monster VoIP understands how important flexibility is in modern businesses. Our integration features are designed to offer options that promote flexible and mobile options. With Monster VoIP Zoho CRM, you can easily access and share files whether you are on your PC or mobile phone through our mobile apps that are available on iPhone and Android. Teams and clients can work efficiently when they can stay updated and informed wherever you go.

Our Click2Call feature lets you connect to your qualified leads with just a click. It promotes productivity in the workplace and allows your teams to make more phone calls right away without the need to write or type the digits.

Monster VoIP Zoho CRM Integration Services

Monster VoIP offers an easy Zoho CRM setup with a 24/7 IT support team to help clients with technical issues. We offer solutions for standard, professional and enterprise customers. Our VoIP integration services include advanced features to give your company leverage and thrive in a competitive global industry.