Your office phone system represents the line of communication between your business, your clients, and your potential clients. Without your business phones, you wouldn’t have much of a business. However, an out-of-date phone system can do more harm than good for your business. Here is how to tell if your office phone system is due for an upgrade. 

You’re Missing Some of the Basic Modern Phone Functions

A modern office phone system comes with a variety of features as standard. At the very least, your business phone system should have:

If your current phone system lacks features, has no compatibility with anything outside of the phone system, or has features with burdensome limits, you need to upgrade. This is an especially important consideration if your current business phone system forces you to use third-party applications just to have the features you need.

Your Call Quality is Terrible and Unreliable

Poor audio quality, dropped calls, and static on the lines, are all symptoms of a phone system that can’t keep up. These issues are nuisances, and they provide poor customer experiences. You don’t want to give your callers any reason to doubt your professionalism, and yet, that’s what your out-of-date phone system is doing.

Some call quality issues can come from your provider, but your phone system can contribute or otherwise make matters worse. If you experience call quality issues or complaints, the first step is to check to see if it’s your business phone system causing the issue.

Your Phone System Can’t Scale and Grow with Your Business

Your current business phone system can literally hold your business back if it can’t scale or grow along with your business. Many of today’s phone systems have IP components that allow them to grow with add-ons and other data-based benefits.

If you have trouble adding new users or connecting your phone system to other platforms, it may be time for an upgrade. For a business to stay competitive, it needs an office phone system in touch with the times. An out-of-date phone system will also have trouble finding updates or repairs when needed.

Modern phone technology adapts, and it doesn’t stop working for you when your business starts growing. In fact, upgrading to a modern office phone system can help your business grow and may even save you money! Don’t let your phone system hold you or your business back. For more information, or to upgrade your phone system, contact Monster VoIP today!