Communicating through text messages is a popular medium in the world. You send text messages to your friends and family for communicating. However, the use of text messages is no longer limited to personal use; it is now being used by businesses as a medium to connect to prospective customers. VoIP Providers are now offering SMS-related services, which are helping businesses grow.

Here is how you can use SMS as an effective tool to increase your customer reach and frequency:

Generate leads:

After analyzing statistics of 2017 related to online traffic, it was found that almost 70 percent of the traffic was coming from smartphones because of the easy access. The percentage is increasing rapidly and let’s see where it reaches by the end of this year. Most of the day, individuals are on their phones browsing through the internet looking for businesses, products and more. So once they are on your business website a Click-to-Text will help them to connect with you directly. This link generates a message to the business directly through which the customer can communicate with the business. This will make it easier for clients to get in touch with your business and it will help transform leads into customers.

Use for follow up on leads

Businesses usually use emails and calls for contacting their prospective clients, but most of these emails remain unread and calls unanswered. In this case, business SMS is the most effective way, you can ask the VoIP Providers to assign you the service of text messages. You can use a text message to update your customer on new discounts, confirm an appointment, ask for information, or any message you desire to convey to your customers. Most of the time text messages help in generating a quick response for the client.

Tool to build customer relationship

Most of the people are not comfortable chatting on calls or emails they rather prefer texting. So why not use the medium that is more conversational and acceptable by the customers. Your continuous updates and informative messages will build a strong connection with the customer, which will definitely result in business growth. If there is some news that you want every customer to know then the VoIP Providers will send a business SMS to every customer at the same time. This would save you time while increasing your reach.

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