In this digital age, where breakthroughs of the newest technological advancements have manifested through the years, various alterations should be done to keep up in this fast-changing world. A lot of people think that it is a tiresome task to sustain ourselves with the latest tools, without considering the benefits that they may be able to obtain as well as forgetting these changes can make our lives easier. These technologies can help us to do things way faster than usual and at the same time, costs way cheaper than we are used to. Also, knowing different information and tools, especially in the field of information technology, would give us a boost to our present career and would also help us to be versatile as we follow with the development.

One thing that we must deliberate on is VoIP technology. In this article, we will focus on learning what VoIP is and other necessary facts that can help us to fully understand it.

Understanding What is VoIP

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Also known as virtual phone numbers, Voice over IP is a way that can make communication using the Internet for telephone and mobile phone probable. The traditional way of calling people via landline or cellular networks would be possible, not with the regular post-paid or prepaid plans, but with the use of the Internet. There are many applications for smartphones that are using Voice over IP at the present, and these applications are accessible and can be downloaded in your own smartphones. has gathered some of the best VoIP applications that you can use including Skype, Google Voice, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and many more.

VoIP Phone Number and VoIP Caller

As per the, a VoIP number works just like a normal telephone or mobile phone number. However, the user is recognized on the Internet Protocol (IP) network, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network or PTSN. A VoIP user will be given a telephone or mobile phone number, except it does not have a specific phone line. It will allow you to make a call using different tools but with the same contact number. A VoIP phone number also permits you to other means of digital communication, just like chat and text messaging. A Voice over IP caller, like any other telephone and cellular phone, can make and receive calls through multiple devices via the Internet without the need to use a different phone number. For example, a person needs to contact a relative but their cellular phone number is unavailable for usage, so they will be using a different cellular phone. Yes, they were able to connect to the person they intend to call, but they will be using a different phone number (unless they decide to take out the SIM card from their phone and transfer it to the phone they will be using; it will be possible but it is quite tedious).

What are the benefits of Voice over IP?

There are different digital communication dilemmas that every person is facing whether you are a student asking information from classmates, a professional who needs to meet their deadlines, or entrepreneurs trying to convince potential clients. VoIP systems can help you with structured and practical answers to these problems.

We have gathered from various the advantages that Voice over IP has to offer:

Cheaper than traditional landline and cellular networks

Making calls via traditional lines, especially long distance and international calls, can be very expensive but since VoIP uses the Internet to make calls so the user does need to spend big just to do this. Also, there are instances that a VoIP phone can provide businesses the opportunity to make long distance calls for free.

VoIP offers a flexible and portable service

A user can connect to their VoIP account anywhere in the world as long as there is stable access to the Internet, contrasting to its traditional counterparts that are less portable and flexible.

VoIP phone systems has the versatility that every people want

Besides making a phone call, a VoIP user can also have conference calls through VoIP Phone. Even you are not physically present in a meeting, using this technology you will still be able to follow up with your employees and colleagues.

Who uses VoIP?

Based on the statistics provided by, there is an estimated number of 7.5 billion people around the globe in June 2019. It is projected that around 12% of the world population are VoIP users, and that is approximately around 900 million people.

According to, the country which has the most number of VoIP users in the United States of America with over 31 million subscribers. This is followed by Japan, which has 28 million subscribers. The third country with the most number of VoIP users would be France, having 21 million subscribers. The list includes South Korea, Germany, China, Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, and the United Kingdom respectively. These users are so diverse since it is composing students and professionals who are using either at home, at work, or anywhere where there is access to the Internet.

As there is on-going progress on new technology, it is expected that the popularity of Voice over IP will continue to rise in the years to come and there will be more countries that will adopt this new form of communication.

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