Almost all businesses have a customer support team in various departments that handles inquiries made by clients. Whichever form of business phone attendant you choose, some sort of system is necessary to establish in order to successfully deal with clients and improve operations in general. The most common form of an attendant is an auto-attendant. Let’s explore what an auto-attendant system entails and how it can be beneficial for all types of businesses.

What Is An Automated Attendant System?

An automated attendant business phone system is one that attends incoming calls and presents the caller with options to direct them to the department of their concern. Voice prompts can also allow callers to be connected with a receptionist, and auto attendant systems also allow for a catchy statement to define your company and also inform prospective customers about business hours, location and packages.

How can an auto attendant system help your business?

There are numerous ways an auto-attendant system can help your business, big or small. Some of the ways are:

Beneficial For Startups and Small Businesses

Your business is only as small as you make it out to be. Potential customers should be met with an aura of sophistication and professionalism when they come in contact with your company. An auto attendant system can help to do that.

Cheap and Easy Set-Up

Automated attendant business phone systems are not as expensive as you may think. In fact, the costs incurred by hiring representatives, traditional office phone systems and an IT team just to take care of picking up calls costs way more and is harder to operate. You just have to set it up and voila! You will not have to worry about maintenance or employee costs.

Saves Time and Is Always Online

Auto attendants do not ask for holidays or sick leaves, and let your company be online 24/7! It also makes it extremely easy to direct calls to the respective departments, as the caller would just have to choose an option by clicking a number to lead them where they want the call to be transferred to.

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