In this global pandemic, the government has requested all businesses and companies to momentarily close their offices and stores until everything goes back to normal. This is to prevent the continuous spread of the Coronavirus which can lead to further confirmed cases; the fewer the people are on the streets, the biggest possibility to easily block the expansion of the virus from one person to the other person. Furthermore, it can help our front liners to easily trace the people who had contact with the person who has a COVID-19. Though countless business owners, entrepreneurs, and employers are discerning what do to during this outbreak and thinking of ways on how to keep themselves from being stagnant with their business. They just need to remember some of the greatest people in the history of mankind and their developments during the pandemic in their lifetime; like Sir Isaac Newton who discovered “The Laws of Motion” in his early 20s; or Albert Einstein who discovered “The Theory of Relativity” – these two discoveries has been used up to this date to further advance the study in the field of Science and Technology, had been found during the Bubonic Plague. One common thing between these two, they made time to be more productive in the given situation. On this note, they were able to come up with something very useful during an unwanted circumstance without any advantages from technology that we are experiencing now. Therefore, we should also make a way to stop ourselves from being immobile and make sure to continue the progress with our business and make use of the technological advances that are made today. Here is when VoIP comes through to help you to make your business on the go while ensuring yourself and your employees free from the contact of COVID-19.


It is short for Voice over Internet Protocol or also called as IP telephony. VoIP is a system wherein the user can do multiple digital communications using the Internet connection like real-time and non-real time calls, instant messaging, and even videophone communication rather than using the public switched telephone network or PSTN, which an old device that delivers analog voice data. It was first introduced in the 20th century and since then Voice over Internet Protocol has been continuously evolving and improving as new technological advancements have been made as well. Additionally, the popularity and approval rate of VoIP can be consistently and relatively increasing.


Many small-time entrepreneurs have been wondering if VoIP can be a good use for small businesses. Well, it makes a decent tactic to purchase VoIP. In fact, according to the survey, a quite big number of small businesses are enjoying the features offered by VoIP. It reduces the costs of procuring equipment for the reason that VoIP does not require a specific device and can be accessed through any form of device for digital communication. Moreover, you will not only save from the costs of procuring equipment but with the low cost-per-call rate as well since you are utilizing the Internet to create digital communications. We know that having long-distance calls can cost a fortune but with VoIP, the costing can be up to minimal rate and sometimes even free. Besides having been able to save big money from VoIP, there are more multiple features that you can avail of while using this system.

It is already mentioned that you can access VoIP using any form of devices used for digital communication; therefore working at home can be possible. Adding to this, you can continuously check on your team by using one of VoIP’s main features – video conference calls, for your scheduled meetings. If you do not regard yourself and your team as tech-savvy, you do not need to worry for the reason that the conference calls are easy as one, two, and three.

Also, you can allow your team to work remotely while getting real-time updates about work-related concerns. The portability and versatility of VoIP can also let you and your team do multitasking because you do not need multiple devices for messaging and calling. You can also conveniently forward messages and voicemails.

Lastly, it is to a certain extent challenging to transact and have deals with your valued clients and potential clients in this situation. However, with the use of VoIP, it is easier to have an interaction with them. We know for a fact that answering voice mails can take pretty much time, but with this system, it will eliminate these stress by choosing where the calls ring and in what way. Like for example, you can choose some of the few rings which will be forwarded to your office. If you cannot answer it, it will then be transferred to your second or third device; which can be your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Simple as to say, you will not miss any calls, especially they are vital.


If you wish to have this system for you and your team but worries that you might not be able to set it up yourself; here is the easiest way to do it. You can search Monster Voip and inquire to them what packages and features you might need for your work at home set-up.

Monster VoIP is a residential, small business and enterprise VoIP provider that provides high-quality services to its customers. They offer various packages that vary from one to another according to the needs of the businesses; because they believe that every business is unique from others. They offer a cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that is sure to be high quality and reliable. This will make your VoIP transactions possible because it creates more than outbound calls.


You need to choose this service provider because they do they make sure to a personalized and concierge-like style of set up. With their 24/7 customer services, you will be able to walk through setup your new phones and system step-by-step. You will have free porting and experience a simple and transparent form of billing so no need to stress about payment systems. Also, they offer no contract, so you don’t need to worry because they will not force a package that you simply do not like.

If you are interested in Monster VoIP, you can send an email at or call or message them at 877 818 9696 to discuss your packages.