To stay ahead of the competition your marketing team needs hardware that’s robust, reliable, convenient and easy to use. Most small and medium businesses rely on VoIP phones with circuitry that enables these devices to transmit calls in a digital format over an internet connection. Now Wi-Fi VoIP phones are gradually gaining momentum as more and more businesses opt for Wi-Fi VoIP phone.

Here is a list of the top Wi-Fi based VoIP phones on the market. You can choose the one that fits your business needs and your budget.

Yealink SIP-T49G Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

The Yealink SIP VP-T49G is a unique VoIP telephone with full HD video and HD audio quality. The device has 16 lines and is ideal for demanding sales teams. The 8″ touchscreen is perfect for operating the device and video calling. With dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0+.

Best Features

The Grandstream GXP1760W Wi-Fi VoIP Phone

The Grandstream GXP1760W WiFi VoIP phone offers integrated dual-band WiFI 802.11 (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz) for complete and seamless integration with wireless networks at any small or medium business. It can easily handle all the requirements of an effective sales team without needing a separate connection. This particular phone model is useful in office locations that do not have a wired connection. The phone has an attractive slim design with average features and mid-range capacity that makes it a perfect choice for medium enterprises.

Best Features

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Gigaset Maxwell 10

The Gigaset Maxwell 10 is a premium Wi-Fi VoIP phone with plenty of features and an easy to use interface that ensures a highly productive sales team. Powered by Android, the Gigaset Maxwell 10 is a Wi-Fi based multimedia phone that can act as a standalone desktop device since it offers keyboard and mouse connectivity.

Best Features

VTech VSP600/601

The VTech VSP600/601 is the perfect Wi-Fi VoIP phone for small to medium sized businesses. Based on the DECT technology, the phone is simple, easy to use, and one of the most affordable SIP-based phone systems on the market.

Best Features

Grandstream DP750/DP720

The Grandstream DP750/DP720 is an efficient device that can host up to five Dp720 cordless DECT handsets. The small yet study body, backlit LED status, micro USB power jack and Ethernet jack makes this device is a great Wi-Fi VoIP phone that’s out on the market.

Best Features

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Yealink CP920 HD IP Conference Phone

Holding a conference call in your office will be simple with the new CP920. it offers a large number of important functions including audio optima HD technology, a built-in 3 array microphones, full-duplex technology, and acoustic echo canceling. This means that all users can enjoy rich, clear, and lifelike conference calls. The Yealink CP860 also supports recording calls and links to cell phones or PCs for a more suitable conference call experience.

Best Features

OBi1062 Business-Class Color IP Phone

The OBi1062 Business-Class Color IP Phone is a useful device for running a small to medium business enterprise. The best feature of this device is that is can be managed remotely through the ObiTALK cloud management system. Logging into the cloud is simple all you need is to use any browser of your choice and visit the main page for instructions. Once set up, the team will be able to troubleshoot the device remotely.

Best Features

The Bottom line

A Wi-Fi VoIP phone is slightly more expensive than the regular VoIP telephones but they offer mobility and versatility. We have listed eight of the best Wi-Fi based VoIP telephones that will allow your sales teams to be more productive and efficient. These devices have call recording capabilities along with multiple features, which makes it easier to the sales team to follow through each call. Call recording and other data recording elements in these devices will help improve your conversion rate, improve your customer relationship management, and be able to handle more calls in less time.

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