How Businesses Can Adapt During This Corona Virus Outbreak

How Businesses Can Prepare During Corona Virus Outbreak

Just a month ago, it was kind of hard to imagine that the world will come to a halt. For entrepreneurs and their employees, it was business as usual. Schedules were booked, inventories were updated, products were sold, and customers were served; and then, seemingly all of a sudden, the entire planet woke up to […]

Work At Home: How VoIP Can Help Businesses To Run During Pandemics

Work At Home With Monster VoIP

In this global pandemic, the government has requested all businesses and companies to momentarily close their offices and stores until everything goes back to normal. This is to prevent the continuous spread of the Coronavirus which can lead to further confirmed cases; the fewer the people are on the streets, the biggest possibility to easily […]

Wi-Fi VoIP Phone: Full Review

No tags	Wi-Fi VoIP Phone: Full Review 

To stay ahead of the competition your marketing team needs hardware that’s robust, reliable, convenient and easy to use. Most small and medium businesses rely on VoIP phones with circuitry that enables these devices to transmit calls in a digital format over an internet connection. Now Wi-Fi VoIP phones are gradually gaining momentum as more […]